Volunteers are invaluable to this organization. They provide us with new ideas, energy, enthusiasm, skills and talents. Our volunteer program is made up of community members who represent a variety of ages and backgrounds, all of whom are interested in welcoming newcomers to our community and ensuring they get the settlement support needed to ensure their success.

We are an apolitical, non-religious organization, but we work closely with the team at Trinity United Church in New Glasgow to submit sponsorship applications for refugee families. We appreciate and welcome the different experiences, perspectives and knowledge our volunteers bring to Pictou County Safe Harbour.

Please fill out our volunteer application below if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer.

    Have you received a copy of the Volunteer Handbook? If not, you can download a copy here.

    Is there a volunteer position that you’re interested in? (check all that apply)
    Driver/AccompanierShopping SupportMoving VolunteerSpecial Events PlannerDirect SupportAd Hoc VolunteerTutor/Conversation BuddyOther (please complete the text box below)

    Do you have experience working with refugees or newcomers to Canada?
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    Do you have an up-to-date police record check, including the vulnerable sector and/or are you willing to complete a vulnerable sector police record check?
    Yes, I have a police record check (vulnerable sector) that was done within the last 6 months.No, I don’t have a current one, but I am willing to get one done.I would prefer to discuss this in-person.

    If a volunteer opportunity is not available for you at this time, can we contact you at a later date?